Sep 15, 2019

Time Flies


Yesterday night I was really bored and thought of taking a bike ride to the sea. Mumbai looks beautiful at night, city lights cold breeze, the sea, less traffic for starters and less people. So at around 11 in the night I got up from my bed, took out my jacket, got ready, cleaned my helmet, wore my shoes, looked outside if it was raining. I stay in the 8th floor and yet I could see all the high rise buildings around me, a clear sky, even the moon looked beautiful, cool breeze and of course city lights. It is true that this city never sleeps, around 11 in the night I could see people roaming, laughing, travelling and enjoying. So here I was all set to explore Mumbai’s night life. My itinerary was BKC, Bandra, Juhu, Dadar, Shivaji Park Area, Band Stand, Staring at Sea Link from Hinduja Hospital or Dadar, Marine drive Colaba , The Taj and finally home. (Mumbai people I know it’s not in the same route still I wanted to cover all this in one night), ohh Powai too. So I took my keys and went to start my bike. Wait to start my “AVENGER 220 CRUISE” 
“AVENGER 220 CRUISE” it was Christmas eve 2015 I was in Bangalore, I needed a bike to go to my office, so I told my dad, papa mujhe bike leni hai. He said ok which one? I said it’s a new launch which will come in January, it’s called Avenger 220 Cruise, he said ok and the next day we went to the showroom to check out the prices and book the beauty, it was then that he realised that the bike will be costing some odd 1 lac rupees :P . Saket get an activa you have that much savings an activa can come and you will not need a loan, there’s no need for a bike of 1 lac, my dad said. I literally smiled and said Leh Ladakh Activa le ke kaun jata hai :P it was a season of Royal Enfeild in Bangalore and here I was eyeing for an Avenger. Has it ever happened to you that when you really need something you start seeing it everywhere. Well like every tom dick and harry I thought of purchasing a “BULLET” (Kaleen Bhaiya wala nai yaar, Bike) (No offense bullet readers) but then somehow every day when I commuted to my office I started seeing Avenger and I imagined myself in it riding, it does feels like an Indian version of Harley daividson. I was really excited to ride one. Trust me the excitement that time was like when a 1 year old finds a hidden the candy jar box.  Somehow I managed to convince him and there she was 16th Jan 2016, got this beauty in my hands. It was an amazing feeling even to sit on it, I still remember the first time when I switched on my bike,  gave it a little throttle, zrooommm it went and rode it for the first time, that moment cannot be described in words, it was satisfying. Today it’s been 38,000 odd kilometres since I rode it and it still she makes me skip a beat.

Sadly after coming to Mumbai I found a new love my celerio meri gaadi (Papa ki hai still), there was a time I remember, when even if I had to go 500 meters away to a shop I would gladly take my avenger out ride it for a Km and a half roam around and come home. Things changed in late 2017 when I started Driving instead of Riding, although the traffic sucks in here, still there’s a different charm in driving a car, switch on the Ac, listen to your favourite song, rap along and enjoy, however Bike rides were the best.

At least that’s what I used to think but off late even for a shorter distance I started using my car and my bike felt neglected. I used to wash my bike every Sunday personally and got it cleaned every alternate day by the cleaner. It still shines the black beauty.

At around 10:30 in the night I realised I am really bored and I need to go out, take a break chill out and come back. I instantly took my car keys and was all set to take that drive until somewhere I felt, let me take out my bike today, roam around, ride it along those streets of marine drive, ride it though queens necklace and feel the moment.

I came down looked at my bike, put on my gloves helmet, safety gears and zrooommm it started after a few tries. It was hardy 100-200 meters when I was riding enjoying the moment when I encountered my first pot hole, it almost shook me and gradually I reduced speed from 60 Kmph to 40 Kmph and started moving enjoying the moment, lifted up the mirror of my helmet, enjoyed the breeze, the roads were little wet due to rains, but it was a clear sky for now. My first stop was BKC. So I took the eastern express highway and moved along enjoying the moment when all of a sudden near Goderej Compound another pot hole shook me. This time I somehow managed to control my bike as I was in full mood and doing an 80 Kmph, Control saket I said to myself and started again. It had hardly been 15 minutes and I was about to take the eastern express highway flyover for BKC when it started raining HEAVILY, all of a sudden and trust me in Mumbai it doesn’t drizzle and then rain, it pours like anything. For a minute I couldn’t understand what too do, the sky was clear, cool breeze, city lights, Mumbai’s high rise building, the skyline everything vanished. 

This is something I wasn’t prepared for, generally I would just click a button and the wiper would start and pheww I would drive in my car, what to do now. Instead of taking the flyover I went below it to take shelter. I kept the bike aside and to my surprise found other bike people trying to protect themselves from rain or trying to put on the rain coat, then it clicked me this is what I used to do earlier.  I have been driving my car for so long that I completely forgot to carry my roan coat moreover as soon as I sat on my bike I was searching for the seat-belt for a second. So here I was standing under the flyover a little wet, waiting for the rains to stop. Zoooomm passed away a car splashing water everywhere and a bunch of people swearing stn the car. I smiled and just wished that at that moment I had my car. Fortunately there was this guy in a cycle who was selling tea coffee under the flyover. I asked him for a coffee and looked around, the rains didn’t look it would stop, the roads were all wet now, under the lights we could see the drops of water falling. I took the first sip of coffee zzzuuuuuppp and saw my bike and imagined what days were those. 38000 odd kilometres, taking my bike to Mysore from Bangalore, Kanakapura, water falls, hebbal area, airport rides, Nandi hills all in the south region, then I remembered there were rides to lonavala, alibaigh we rode my bike on the shores of the sea, touching the waves. I took my bike to pune, daman. i Remember riding my bike in a village where there were narrow streets huts along side and the kids were following me saying Harley Harley, Damn I missed those days. I sipped the last sip of my coffee and thought this rain wouldn’t stop but it is damn sure not stopping me. All I needed was to save my cellphone. I somehow managed to put it in my helmet wearing it and thought I will complete that ride.

Imagine Dramatic Slow motion rains, thunder and night lights…..

Here I was the lone biker, lightning in the sky, thunder sound couple of seconds later, me moving towards my bike and all the other bikers/ standers leaving their sip of tea or coffee and looking at me giving me that Go saket wala nod. Dramatic slow moves towards my bike, in my head I could hear the music , tada na tada..drum beats, cheer girls saying go saket, take that ride, Baldev singh from DDLJ saying ja saket ja jee le apni zindagi. So here I am, not giving a shit about the rains and moving towards my bike. I switch it on, zoooommmm it sounded, eyes turned and the moment I was about to start, there came another car in full speed, water all over me, literally drenched, I just started the bike all the slow motion passed away, came home changed took my car out saw the sea at around 2 AM sitting in my car, coz it was still raining, laughing inside and decided…Time changes.. Bike love is definitely over now. I am gonna sell my bike definitely take an activa, keep a pair of rain coat in the so called dikki and will always , always take out my car.

Jul 10, 2017

When Love Suffocates

When Love suffocates
DAY 1:- saKshi & Priyanka

It was a bright sunny morning at Mumbai, people rushing out from the local trains and moving in a queue towards exit. It was like a Disneyland fair at the station itself, people people and so many people. Rohit aka me, i was happy to be there i loved the crowd, the pace of Mumbai, the so called financial capital of India and a city that never sleeps after 2 years I am back to Mumbai, my dream job and my dream city. It was my first day at office all the things were there in my head, how my new office would be like, would I find anyone of my same age group and the most important thing will I find a person with the same insanity as I have, the same weirdness crazy fun loving or will it be a simple boring 9 to 6 kind of job. There was a smile on my face some old memories to recollect some which made me smile, some which made me regret my past and some which made me nostalgic and cry. For the readers out of Mumbai let me give u a glimpse of what Mumbai locals look like, PEOPLE PEOPLE and PEOPLE everywhere, imagine a glass and fill it with water, keep pouring a little more, pour it till the brim, is the water falling well that’s Mumbai locals, if you get an inch of space its packed in the rush hours.  It’s like the whole India has only one train to travel and mind you my dear reader’s 8:54 ki local means 8:54 not 8:53 not 8:55 or 56, punctuality is the key unless it’s raining of course. If it rains expect your 8:54 train to come by 9:30 well that’s Mumbai and we move on in that pace!

I remember my first time when I boarded a local; I had to go to Dadar. I was new in the city so I took a general ticket and boarded the train (somehow after leaving 3 trains) in a general compartment and just stood there, well I couldn’t do anything it was over crowded and in the next 20 minutes of my journey I was pushed forward, pushed backwards, rotated 360 degrees in the same place, abused n number of times saw people boarding the train and getting out in the same time and that too in a matter of seconds. Boy one needs to be quick in this city. As Dadar station arrived I didn’t even try to get down of the train it was the people and the flow that made me get out of the train and it was at that moment that I swore “No more local trains”. Its funny how those two years passed by and here I am today learned the art of living in Mumbai accepting my lifeline to be a Local train and being a part of this city now. I was standing at CST station the last stop in central line, remembering those moments and smiling; Mumbai is one stop that makes you want to halt forever, indeed a city of dreams. Now I travel in a First class compartment I have mastered the art of getting in a train and moving swiftly inside to find a seat, i have train buddies, no name to remember just a hi or a hello and talks of work or life, I swear I don’t even know these people names just their smile their faces and I am a part of them now. Let me rewind you to a funny incident, when I took a first class pass two years ago for the first time. As I boarded the train I saw only 3 people sitting on the seat where as in second class there used to be 4 people on one seat well the fourth guy would merely be sitting on his ass but at least he got his ass to rest, so politely I asked the guy next to me to shift in the first class compartment so that I could sit, firstly he gave me a look as I had asked his daughter for marriage after a while when he saw me still staring and realized I am being serious he laughed and said “Chutiye Alibaugh se aaya hai kya” I felt a bit offended and then learnt that in first class compartment only three people sit on a seat, so alert newbie’s don’t ask the guy to shift :P

Today as the train touched CST station and people were rushing out of the trains there was one guy who just stood there closing his eyes raising his arms acknowledging the moment and smiling living that particular moment that was me. I was into the moment when I heard someone shouting “Move forward what’s wrong with you are you mad”. Two years in Mumbai and even I shouted back in local language “Ghai aahe ka tujha” means are you in a rush and I could see that person murmuring and moving. As I reached the end of platform no 3 and headed my way outside I saw these two girls saKshi and Priyanka, I couldn’t get my eyes off saKshi the crowd literally stopped for a moment, I could see her in front of me talking to a friend of hers, Priyanka. The first thing I noticed were her saKshi’s eyes which were hidden in those green specks, a chashmish, a cute one though her hair perfectly falling on her face and troubling her, and the way she laughed it had already made me skip a beat. She looked amazing chashmish look nerdy but beautiful, I couldn’t see anyone except her, I somehow wanted to talk to her that blue sleeveless top of hers, jhumka in her ears every little thing about her was attracting me towards her, I was so engaged staring at her that I had completely forgot about the TTE which had now for the 10th time asked me for my ticket. Priyanka the other girl was smile yet beautiful wearing a suit with her perfectly straight hair and a smile which I could hear from a distance, she looked beautiful in that smile, although my eyes were stuck at saKshi, Priyanka had a college bag on her and I thought the two of them must be college girls, Priyanka had a charm in her eyes and she was continuously smiling while talking to saKshi and it made me wonder what’s so funny? I even came up with a pick up line to talk to them. It was 11th time the TTE asked me for the ticket, looked in the direction in where I was looking saw the girl and said “hello bhai sahib baat kar lo Mumbai hai chali gai to dono nai milegi aur yaad rakhna Mumbai mai bus train aur ladki k piche mat bhaagna” and I was like what the hell is he talking about, I was in another world. So with all my guts I moved towards them thinking of a line to talk to them, not sounding cheesy or desperate and as I approached saKshi my jaws couldn’t open. saKshi and Priyanka stared at me like I was some weirdo and gave me the creepy look. Wow my first impression that too popat still with all my confidence left in me I looked at saKshi and said “Excuse me where could I get a taxi for Cuffe Parade, I am new here and would be happy if you helped” and that miss attitude, didn’t even look towards me just pointed in that direction and continued with what she was doing. Priyanka smiled and god her I felt embarrassed what the fuck was that. As I moved towards the taxi point all I could think about was what the hell did I do, was my breath smelling, did I pronounce correctly, was my ascent improper am I smelling due to the sweat, what went wrong and all those good pick up lines popped up my head after wards and I was like shit I could have said that then she would have said this and then I would have said that and then she would have said this and this continued in my head till I reached the taxi point, I still couldn’t forget saKshi’s face, her smile it made Mumbai stop, that golu eyes of hers, that chashmish look, the smell of her perfume and how perfect she looked in that dress. I just wished I could meet her again. Repeatedly I was saying it’s ok come on today is your big day, first day at office the famous Maker Tower that too 25th floor the look from up there will be amazing many things were running in my head yet I couldn’t forget her, I felt sad that I won’t be able to see her again but there was a friend of mine who used to say Mumbai is full of fishes just be a fisherman a loyal one :P

As I reached my office lobby I stood there at the lift wondering how my first day will be like, one thing I like about Mumbai is people obeying the rules and regulations placed, be it in trains or standing in queue for taxi or autos or in case of lift. Ting the door opened and I asked the liftman “25th floor Please”, ting the door closed it took merely 30-40 seconds and the door opened ting, there I was nervous yet happy after all I got what I wanted. I entered my office and went to my manager’s cabin. He greeted me and told me I would be working under some girl named Priyanka. My first thought Priyanka sounds modern must be someone of my age group my boss got over the phone and asked if Priyanka was in for the day her colleague informed sir she was yet to come, in the mean time sir gave me a tour of the office and showed me my cubicle where I would work, he told me Priyanka would be overseeing my work and would be guiding me for the first month till I start grasping my project independently. I was desperately waiting for this Priyanka I had already imagined a hot mentor in a sexy outfit and me hitting on her making dinner plans, I got to admit sometimes I become Uday chopra of Dhoom. The first day at office is kind of weird especially when you are the guy who lo likes to talk, chat nonstop laugh over silly things but on the first day you are busy creating your impression, feeling scared yet showing attitude. I was looking at my other colleagues, all busy with their work seemed workaholic types some of my age group some oldies at first I noticed a guy named Vivek man he looked workaholic, he was of my same age but I hardly noticed him smiling, or talking just working on his Pc or moving my hands rapidly around his calculator. There were other members whom I wanted to interact there was one Gaurank Sir He seemed jolly I had seen him at my building but he was busy with some work. I was fiddling with my new PC and my work place when I heard a familiar sound of bangle. It was the same sound I heard as I asked directions to those two gals, there was a tap on my back and a voice said Rohit yup I said and turned around to see Priyanka, it was the same gal who was there at the station the smiling gal besides saKshi and the first word she uttered was “Tu hai Rohit” numb and a bit embarrassed at that moment i said “Hi, aap ho Priyanka” and with a witty smile she said so u finally made it to office. Over the next few hours as I felt embarrassed as Priyanka gave me a small tour of the office explaining my work and bitching about almost everyone except Nishant, her crush. She’s a simple girl a localite with an amazing smile who knew we would turn out to be such great friends. It was lunch time and she asked me if I had brought Tiffin, I said no as it was my first day. “I have dosa if you would like to join”, dosa one of my favourite dishes how could I say no, but you know the Indian phase of first saying nai nai its ok and the gal saying arre come join and then nai its ok and then we will manage come join and then ok if you say so, well I ain’t one of them I said yes in a second. She liked that about me, straightforward. So as I was having lunch with her and other people I asked “hey Priyanka who was that girl in the morning?” there was her witty smile and she said, I was wondering when you are going to ask about her. I smiled and looked at her and she kept on smiling diverting the topic and teasing me so I finally asked ”and who was she” now this part is important her way of teasing me she said “ahem ahem some one is in love, ahem ahem shes saKshi” “Ahhhh” I gasped “saKshi, is she single” it was at that moment she choked on her food and laughed hard, god she had a wonderful smile that giggle I just loved it “Waah aaj first day hai na, you come directly to the point” she said “well that’s my speciality” I said we both laughed and I asked her more about saKshi. So these were the things I learnt for starters I was going to see her again and again and again as she worked in the same company but in a different floor she worked just 6 floors above me on 32nd floor in Human resources, like those people work (no offense HR people;)) she’s a simple gal, a localite, a lot of guys hit on her, but she says no to all of them, of course they would hit on her I mean look at her, those golu eyes, her perfect lips, the smile of hers, that red lipstick her hair that jhumka, the way she glowed the smell of her, god I just wanted to meet her once. She’s single, came out of a long term relationship, is the guy mad, that’s what came in my head I mean if I was her boyfriend I would never let her go, some people are worth staying in your life and saKshi was one of them, I uttered in my head “guys loss my gain” but I knew it would be really difficult to win her heart, but Rohit was destined to be with saKshi, or was he?   

Second half was pretty boring I was feeling hungry and bored as well. I ate most of Priyanka’s lunch so I pinged her on IP message pizza? “Ye bhi puchne ki baat hai kya, but my treat” and once again the Indian me “no, no please my treat it’s my first day” an “ahem maska laga raha meri dost se milne k liye” haha I smiled and said “Kind of”. 30 minutes nai to free why you aren’t late dominos, there came our pizza I called her in the cafeteria this time just the two of us. “So what are you doing this evening” I asked as I took the first slice of pizza. “Going home, why you want to stay at 32nd floor” Priyanka chuckled. God she was beautiful and witty. We talked a lot over the pizza the day ended with me rushing home early as I had to set up my new place. As I waited at the lift fiddling with my cell, ting the lift door opened there she was saKshi busy with her phone not even looking up moving towards my office, she looked beautiful the same as she looked in the morning. I wanted to go back to my office I had almost turned was about to say hi but she was busy on her cell and the liftman asked sir are you coming, with a sad face I left hoping to see her again. I took a taxi on my way back when my cell rang “Ahem Rohit someone from HR is here to see you” it was Priyanka teasing me. I said I saw her but she was busy with her cellphone couldn’t say anything she smiled and said its ok we will complete the formalities next day. I wished I stayed in the office that day, why did I leave early....
To be continued.... (20.07.2017)

Sep 22, 2016

About Shreyas and Nidhi

Helloooooo people, whatsup??? I am really thankful to all of you guys for spending time at my blog. A lot of you have been asking me few questions so I thought why not answer them in the BLOG way!
Well it’s a proud moment for any blogger when one sees 1000+ page hits in a week. I am really thankful to each and everyone of you for sharing and reading. The chapter of Nidhi and Shreyas will definitely continue. Lots of love people. As of now when I logged in the hits on my page was 1176 and it’s all because of you guys.

So here are some question and answers followed by a short poem I read some where and edited it. Once again I am really really thankful to all of you guys for commenting, messaging and appreciating my work.

Q. Who are you?
A:- For those of you who don’t know me , hello my name is Saket. Basically I am an engineer who turned out to be a banker. I like travelling, riding my bike, writing and having endless conversations over a cup of coffee. This is me.

Q. Shreyas and Nidhi who are they? Is this fictional or real?

A:- Well to be honest it’s a pure work of fiction. It’s not my story, I just got this inspiration to write and thought why not lets do it. I was sitting at my home , had quit my job when this idea hit me and there i was. Now that i am working i spend less time on these characters but Shreyas and Nidhi's story will move on. Well I did take some examples from my friends some from my life a few from my experience and created these two people. Shreyas is a hopelessly romantic person, emotionally attached to anyone around him, dreams of having a fairy tale love story, but is unfortunate to get one. Shreyas has a good job and lives his life to the fullest. He is witty, he is funny good with words trustworthy and a friendly person. He is the kind of guy who has been asked by each and every girl, " How come you are single?"
Nidhi on the other had is a practical girl, been through a lot and hence doesn’t believe in love. She’s beautiful with her perfect smile those golu round eyes and a smile that can actually make anyone’s day. She is a dream girl a boy could desire for. She is wittier, smart, intelligent, working a true Delhi girl and a guy’s dream. She met Shreyas in a class , they studies an were together for less than an year when the stupid cupid hit them but one year later everything changed, keep reading for more, no spoilers as of now ;)
          They were destined to meet one another they met and let’s see how things work for Shreyas and Nidhi. Keep reading and sharing.

Q. What inspired you?

A:- As i said for the past two months I was sitting idle, had resigned from my job waiting for a new one and thought let’s do something productive. So there I was sitting on a chair opened the laptop and was staring on that blank page, should I do this will people read, what if they laugh I am not a pro writer. Then a gut feeling said chuk it Saket just write it down and words came flowing, so that was the beginning!

Q:- What is your relationship status?

A:- This was a funny question, well if you are a girl I am Single ;) if you are a guy I have a hot girl friend whom I will brag about and if it’s my family members reading I am 100% single. I hope you got the sarcasm there :P
Q:- My hobbies

A:- well as I said earlier I love reading, writing, watching Tv series, if you have a good sense of humor we could have an endless conversation over coffee. M found of sizzler brownie with vanilla ice cream CCD style.

There are a couple of answers which I want to say, I will just make it quick blogging is not my profession it’s just a hobby which I have recently started and I thank you guys for a positive response. What helped me in my blogging was my idle time now I am working again but Shreyas and Nidhi, I promise you all I will dedicate my time to complete their story. To answer why this peculiar name life happened...well didn't life happened to all of us. Keep reading keep commenting lots of love to you guys. To end I will say a filmy dialouge on behalf of shreyas:-
"Wo zidd thi jo jane diya mohabbat hoti to aaj bahon mai hoti"

This poem i read in a novel i can't remember the author's name still i would like to paste here , some of which i have edited.

If i had only known
That this is the last time we’ve met….                                      
I would have stopped the break of dawn…
And stopped the sun to set….

If i had only known
I wouldn’t see you again…
I would have framed a picture of you within...
To end my suffering…
To end my pain…

If i had only known
That this is the last time I sit by your side…
I would have told you how much I loved you…
Keeping rest things aside…

If i had only known
That we would never hold hands again…
I would have held them strong…
And never let anything go wrong…

If i had only known
That you would stand always by my side…
I would have fought the world for you…
Breaking all the walls through…
Just to tell you how much I love you….
How much I cared for you…
How much I miss you…
I wish I had only known this….
But now all I can do is…
Sit here and keep waiting….Just waiting….

If i had only known!!!


Sep 15, 2016

Where it all began Shreyas and Nidhi Cont..

After a hectic day in office with the same work of printing the passbook and then telling balance to people, to explaining the customers it's a bank not a Xerox shop, to opening and reviewing accounts he was exhausted and he needed sleep. A closing day can specially test a banker, accounts tallying, balance sheet and pressure from head office. Shreyas was an engineer who had worked in an MNC in Mumbai, it was a different world for him in a bank. Shreyas was used to a posh lifestyle in Mumbai, handling big clients he had seen another world all together but one day when he was thinking of his future he somehow felt there's a stagnant growth in his field plus the job security issue. He was given 4 sites to handle which was earlier managed by his ex boss a 40 yr old man which the company sacked giving a month's notice. All this factors had clouded Shreyas thoughts and here he was an engineer working in a bank. With a lot of hope he came into banking after all he had seen his father working and providing for the family for almost 25 years now so he thought how hard would it be little did he knew seeing is not believing it was a nightmare for him like conjuring movie coming true. Still he used to keep that fake smile on his face and kept himself busy, off late he was good in faking a lot of things in life. After this long tiring day and attending a queue of customers he needed sleep but how could he sleep it was still two hours for the result to come out. An idea struck his head and there he was plugging in headphones, Arijit Singh was on with some Linkin park and Bruno mars what a mixed collection he had.

Thirty minutes past midnight his eyes were dropping he needed that bed but kept on saying let me see the result and then I will have a good night's sleep. He used to remember how at nights when he would feel sleepy and had to study Nidhi would call him up and tell him to have some tea, the irony being he hated tea. Every time they were out together Nidhi would order a cup of tea for both of them, he never said that he hated it just smiled and drank it. Nidhi used to find different coffee and tea shops around Delhi just to experiment new flavors of tea and Shreyas used to love her excitement and without saying a word would accompany her. It’s cold today have tea. You are wet in rains have tea. You have a head ache today Shreyas have tea. Nidhi’s solution to every problem was TEA. Nidhi was God's perfect creation. A dream come true, those round eyes of her , a smile which would make the whole world smile. She was not tall, she was not short just perfect, she was amazing just the way she was carrying that confident attitude Shreyas met Nidhi in a classroom and told his friend, Rohit one day I will be with this girl forever and ever. It was love at first sight for him little did he knew what mysteries life had planned for him.

          Sleep was not an option so why not make a cup of TEA. YouTube is one of the best inventions, Shreyas was ready with his tea recipe mixing ginger, tea leaves, milk, water and sugar. Excitedly he opened his messages and typed “Hi Nidhi you idiot I have made a full bowl of tea and that too watching a YouTube video I wish you were here love you” another message saved in his drafts. If only drafts could speak she would know how much he missed her, how much he wanted her to be there in his life. He still remembers when they used to talk for hours on WhatsApp, he used to say happiness is last seen turning to online and online turning to typing. It’s funny how they used to talk for hours and hours and now he couldn’t even say hi. So the tea was ready, he had his music, his laptop was open google chrome had seven different tabs all discussing about the results yet he was feeling sleepy probably because of the ambiance, lights off, everyone sleeping so he thought of taking a walk on the terrace. No matter how much he hated Bangalore, he couldn’t complain about the weather. Shreyas used to hide a couple of cigarette for emergency, although he was not a smoker he enjoyed it's feel once in a while. Taking out his stash he silently closed the door making sure his parents didn't wake up and went to the terrace. The clock had struck 1PM he lighted that match, took that first drag and coughed it had been a while since he had smoked. The cold breeze hit his face, the moon was perfectly lit up he could count the stars in that dark night. A certain nostalgia hit him, he remembered of the perfect life he had in Pune during his college life, those night outs, those walks a slight drizzle was what he needed.

Ting buzzed his cell as he was on that terrace enjoying that moment. “All the best for your results do tell me what happens I am awake and waiting”. It was Nidhi. At that moment he was numb there was a smile on his face tears in his eyes goosebumps all over, a shiver went through him. He wanted to call her ASAP, he wanted to listen to her voice and say I love you baby I missed you but some where down Shreyas knew that message is from a FRIEND and not from a LOVER.

Sep 11, 2016

Where it all BEGAN!

He used to call his dad each day this year asking when are you coming home papa, today following his father's foot steps Shreyas knew what it was to sit in a bank on a closing day. It was not just a closing day for him, tomorrow  was a D day. He took a new job from Delhi to Bangalore but he was not satisfied here, six months went by daily he used to curse his luck, saying why did he leave Delhi, he was so happy there friends, love, travel he had everything he could dream of.  But may be it was fate that made him come to this alien city.
          It was almost 8 PM his work was not finished yet, there was a cricket match going on Ind vs WI, which he being a cricket fan was missing it. Off late he had become workaholic may be it was to keep him busy and forget Nidhi or may be loved the idea of his mind being pre occupied with things. Although he didn’t quite like working there, a new city with no friends unknown language and a rural posting he had no other option but to work. Shreyas used to console himself by looking at his brand new bike, his posh life style, the expenditures he made and most importantly the happiness in his parents eyes as their son was HOME. People saying money can't buy happiness but have you heard the karrrrr sound ATM makes on 27th of every month, well that karrrrr sound was why Shreyas was surviving in that alien city.
          Finally at about 9 PM his work was done and he called his parents that he was leaving for home. A 60km ride generally makes your parents worry and that too riding in the highway during night. A worried Mother on the other end of the line said, beta drive carefully and come I am making Alu parathe your favorite. He wore his helmet put on his gloves and zoom started his brand new Bajaj Avenger F.L.G  his first investment all thanks to the bank. Around 10:30 he was home the highway route makes it fast but as usual he got that scolding from his Maa, I know you drove fast to reach home now go freshen up Alu parathe is ready. He giggled and went to change. No one and he means it no one could beat his mom's Alu parathe. He looked at his dad and smiled finally he had realized all those years when his dad used to come late how he would have felt working in the bank. They had their family dinner and his bro was teasing him saying like father like son now enjoy your life, he was enjoying that moment. After dinner was the time to discuss the elephant in the rom his results which was about to be published in a few hours, yes that was a D day moment for Shreyas. The family talk had started and his dad wished him all the best and went to sleep.
          Sleep was something which Shreyas was deprived of for a couple of months now. The reason in short was boy meets a girl feels in love with her, girl hesitates but finally accepts they live happily but that after part was not to be written in his life may be it was karma for what he had once did. Long distance never works his friends kept on telling him as he was leaving Delhi 6 months back but he had faith on his love it would. Initially it was good but then it was all bout why don’t you call me anymore, you can’t even spare a few minutes for me. They used to fight they used to make up but a lot changed, that physical presence of your partner along with you holding arms making love, those couple moments together is needed in a relationship unfortunately a video call on skype and those long night WhatsApp conversations couldn’t save their relationship. Now all he had was memories of someone that he used to know. It was Nidhi who used to see Shreyas results and say sorry baby I know you worked so hard but and used to pause at this moment, when Shreyas was about to cry she used to shout and hug him saying congratulations you did it again. He hated her for doing that but loved her for bringing that smile on his face. Tonight he was alone there was no Nidhi to talk to it was almost two months they hadn’t spoke with one other.

It was 11:30 only half an hour was left for midnight it felt as if the watch had stopped at that moment Shreyas could literally hear the clock ticking tick tock tick tock finally the clock struck 12 it was midnight. This time Nidhi was not there to call him yet he had hope his cell would ring. It was just him sitting there with sweaty hands, trembling and a fearing what would happen. He couldn’t work at Bangalore any more he hated that place. 12:05 he opened his laptop ,the website isn’t working, generally a website crashes because of a huge number of hits at a single time so he opened other forums to get some information on the results. It's funny how a person can accumulate all the negative thoughts in merely a couple of seconds. Wait what it's delayed, what do you mean it's delayed it's supposed  to be published at midnight it's already 10 minutes past midnight some one in the forum said the results were delayed till 2 AM . That's two hours what will I do know he thought God it was going to be a long night.